Logpresso Maestro

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response


Faster response

Reduce mean time to respond and expand SOC capabilities.

Standardized process

Achieve high service quality and consistency by standardization.

Improved productivity

Focus on advanced threats intead of tedious and repetitive tasks.

Automate your security operation with extensive playbooks.

Automation with playbooks

No longer need to manually analyze threats. Logpresso Maestro provides hundreds of automations for on-premise security devices, clouds, and SaaS services. Build your own playbooks to respond to security alerts and standardize threat detection and remediation procedures.

App Ecosystem

Logpresso Store provides various apps for on-premise security solutions, clouds, and SaaS services. Install Logpresso app to expand platform capabilities and use 200+ security automations. Enjoy evergreen security platform with growing apps.

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Complete solution stack

Logpresso Maestro is composed of SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, CTI, DFIR solutions and own proprietary big data technology. Eliminate data silos and choose Logpresso which provides solid big data platform and complete solution stack.


Deep investigation

Investigate digital forensic artifacts such as NTFS MFT, USNJRNL, EVTX, registry hive files, web browser history databases without third-party tools. From now on, Tier 1 analyst and incident responder can collaborate on the same platform.

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